Sighkickmag Issue 03 is Out!!

Who ever knew that running a skate publog would be this tough? Probably a newbie like me. And learning from the ones experienced makes me know that nothing comes without a challenge.

Anyhow, this is a late issue that was to come on June, summing it up with the September issue. And to cap
it all with a big SORRY FOR THE WAIT to skaters, supporters and enthusiasts of this wooden toy around Kenya, Africa and the globe at large

This issue features George Zuko.

Victor Muchiri

Vincent Kavita

These are some Kenyan skaters with some steez.

We also cover:

  • Vincent Kavita
  • George Zuko
  • Victor Muchiri
  • How Not To Be a Skater
  • Events: Santa Cruz Bowl and Moshpit Art Festival
  • Nairobi on Wheels video¬†on the Ride Channel.
  • Journey to Trick Mastery
  • Comics
  • Video reviews

Here is Issue 03 Preview download or Click Here


Pre-order for print

The Sighkick Magazine




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